Music Lesson - Diagnostic

Music Lesson - Diagnostic

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Interested in taking music lessons? You've come to the right place. ūüé∂¬†

This first session is the perfect opportunity to test drive a music lesson with me and to get some feedback on what you might want or need to work on.

Diagnostic first sessions are 1 hour in duration.

 *Please select from the drop-down menu whether you would like an in-person session (check drop-down for location availability), or would like to meet online at a lower price point. 

**Please do not place this item in your cart if you have already completed a diagnostic first session! Visit the Music Lesson Package listing if you are trying to purchase a lesson package.** 

DURING CHECKOUT please comment in the "order notes" section for which instrument/skill you are seeking instruction (from the options listed below), and whether you are of beginner, intermediate, or advanced proficiency.




Electric Bass

Music Theory Tutoring

Songwriting Coaching

Performance Coaching

What can I expect for my first session?

1. 10-15 minutes of a written evaluation and short interview to get to know a bit more about you and your background- and for you to get to know me as well.

2. 10-15 Warm-up, to get you ready to sing and for me to familiarize myself with your range, first impressions

3. Remaining time: I can give you my initial impressions, and we can talk more about a course of action to work on things you'd like to address in further sessions. Ideally you would sing a song or a cut of a song that you have prepared ahead of time, either accompanying yourself, a capella, or with an accompaniment track.


After checkout, you will be directed to download a PDF packet with more information about what to prepare and expect for our first lesson! If you miss the initial download offer when you first check out, you can get back into your order through this site from your confirmation email, and the download will be available there.  


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More info:

Online sessions will take place via ZOOM, which is a free, easy-to-use web-conference platform that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet or cell service. Sessions can be audio and video recorded for later reference.

[[PLEASE NOTE: The times provided in the drop-down selector are for CST. Unfortunately the app here does not convert the time for you.

If you are unsure what time you should select because of your time zone, visit:
And it will calculate the correct one for you.]]

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In-person sessions will always take place at SPACE in South Austin- if you live in Texas but Austin is still a bit far for you, email me at - I can find a place where we can work near you for an additional fee.

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To find out anything else you might want to know, please visit my Instruction Services FAQ. I strongly recommend a read-through of the FAQ before making your purchase or booking your appointment.

Cancellations: Payment is captured upon booking of appointment. Rescheduling is permissible as long as change is made earlier than three days before initial booking. Less than 3 days' notice will defer to cancellation regulation.

Cancelled sessions will be refunded only 70% if cancellation is made with more than 72 hours' notice. Cancellations with less than 72 hours' notice will not be refunded. Please be certain of your appointment time and date before booking.

Review the full cancellation policy. By completing your purchase, you are agreeing to abide by my studio policy as outlined in the Instructional Services FAQ.

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